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Each year brings a lot of recommendations. Here are the ones that will allow you to improve your natural SEO strategy.

While 2016 just bows out, if we were to project ourselves on an area in constant evolution, that of the SEO.

Indeed, optimization on search engines continues to evolve and traditional practices of natural referencing are no longer relevant.

Fortunately, SEO professionals know how to adapt to these changes.

You already know and if this is not the case, we remind you, that the traditional practices of bombardment of keywords or the purchase of link have become totally obsolete. Here are the major trends that will not take precedence over this year:

  1. Google AMP will take control

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages or Google AMP is the leader in improving the user experience on mobile by competing “Instant article” from Facebook or “Apple News”.

Its purpose: to speed up the loading speed of the pages by making instant the display of web page on mobile.

Several studies have shown that the latter is in constant improvement and has very positive consequences on the positioning.

As a result, its evolution will continue in 2017, with increasingly stringent criteria. You have not upgraded to AMP yet. Here is a good resolution for this new year.

  1. Farewell intrusive interstitial ads!

In August 2016, Google announced that as of January 10, 2017, it would launch a new algorithm and penalize mobile pages invaded intrusive interstitial ads.

If you use them, advice: make sure they do not make the content less accessible to the user.

Google identifies 3 types of interstitial:

  • Display a pop-up (also called pop-up) that hides the main content, either immediately upon opening the page from the search results, User browsing the page.
  • View a self-contained interstitial that the user must close before accessing the main content.
  • Layout where the part above the waterline is displayed as a standalone interstitial, but where the original content is embedded below the waterline.
  1. Voice function will continue to grow

By 2016, more than 40% of adults and more than 50% of teenagers were already using voice search. Figures will increase in 2017.

  1. Artificial Intelligence will impact positioning

With Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Google friend and other search engines will be able to display more relevant sites in their results. The positioning of a site will be impacted by the AI ​​which will return to the very heart of the pages of the site.

  1. The use of structured data will be preferred

The Schema.org marking will continue to enhance your content in search results and improve the user experience by allowing Google to display additional information about your site pages in its search results (Your address and phone number, for example).

  1. Visual search will increase

As you know, images are eye-catching and therefore attract more attention than plain text.

Therefore, it impacts on the web.

Let’s take a concrete case. Pinterest has a visual search function in which users can select any object on an image and then the social network will filter similar pins. This is especially useful when you can not describe with precise words what you have seen.

In 2017, visual research will be on the rise.

  1. The increase in applications will continue

Every year, many applications are launched and this will always be the case for this year.

Studies show the importance of applications. Indeed, users spend more and more time using their applications.

In future years, having its own application will be a tool not to be neglected in its marketing strategy.

  1. Priority will be given to user experience

The user experience or UX design will become an increasingly important factor in the positioning of a site and this will be one of the priorities of the companies. Your site starts dating? It may be time to think about its overhaul.

  1. Geolocation will be required

In 2017, the geographic location of the user will further impact research results.

Indeed, because of their usefulness to the latter (always the user experience), local results are placed in better positions in search engine results.

  1. Agile Marketing will become a common practice

Drawing its name from the Agile method, initially used for software design, this type of marketing design is effective as it is carried out little by little, in order of priority and always hand in hand with the customer.

Agile marketing considers the real expectations of Internet users in order to satisfy them and is perceived as a better practice than the traditional methods.

In 2017, the following distribution is required:

  • 70% of your marketing strategy is planned.
  • 20% is automated / programmed marketing
  • 10% in agile marketing.
  1. The originality of the content will be indispensable

The duplication of your own content or that of others is to be banished because it does not promote SEO, quite the contrary.

The solution is to work your content. Producing your own content will avoid copyright infringement, but it will also allow you to improve your positioning and therefore to measure all the value brought by it.

  1. Virtual reality marketing will grow

Games, clips or movies will increasingly be a playground for marketing, using the assets of virtual reality: impacting, immersive, memorable and innovative.

  1. Use of social networks should be favored

By 2016, companies have optimized their content on social networks in order to gain positioning in search results. This practice will intensify in 2017.

Companies will have to develop their social content (or social content) strategies to be better positioned on the search engines.

  1. Automation marketing will be noticed

The automation of repetitive marketing tasks (such as the sending of emailing for certain actions or publications on social networks) is developing more and more and this phenomenon will be accentuated and during the year to constantly improve the Profitability of marketing actions.

  1. Mobile optimization will always be a priority

Studies show that mobile optimization is important for several reasons:

  • Users spend a lot of time on mobile applications.
  • Many users start their day by surfing their phones
  • Many leading companies have already optimized for the mobile

Consequence, mobile optimization will have to be one of your priorities in 2017.

Well, if we have not lost you along the way, I’m sure this list will allow you to predict your SEO strategy for this year.

It remains to be seen if these predictions will be confirmed because nobody knows in advance what the engines (so Google to 90%) reserve us.

In any case, if you want to be accompanied to implement a strategy of natural referencing to gain positioning and visibility, our team is listening to you.

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