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SEO best practices for 2018

Google develops and continually improves its algorithm to create a sophisticated machine that learns as it grows; the more he learns, the less people can understand him. Over the years, SEO strategies have evolved in an attempt to keep pace with the changes and updates of Google’s algorithms with the use of machine learning and data science, and this is SEO in 2018.
However, some things never change, one factor remains constant: Google has always focused on quality, on the beneficial content that users love to read, see, hear and share. With quality content that benefits the user as a central point in the Google ranking algorithm, it is also imperative to make that the priority of SEO when producing content.

Tricks, Trends and novelties to succeed in 2018

In 2017, Google has made some drastic changes in its algorithm and many of us are already thinking about what will work in Google in 2018. If you are a webmaster or have your own website, you should get up to date with the latest trend that will be real in the year 2018. Being up to date with these SEO news, will help you optimize your website and prepare you well for what Google will offer you this year.

SEO 2018 trends that are going to be key for Google
Every year we try to get ahead of the competition and one more way to do it is through SEO and its keys. Understanding the search engine and following its advice is always necessary to achieve the best results in the SERPs. Therefore, we advance the SEO strategies for the year 2018.

Crawl Budget
The Crawl Budget is fashionable and not only for Google. Each time users know more than this is the term budget tracking and every day works better. For this 2018, the Crawl Budget and the technical SEO as Luis M Villanueva advanced us in his interview will be a differentiating point between the websites and with your competition.
Google has a crawl budget for every web and the optimization of it will make it happen or not through the pages we want. Optimizing the web in this aspect will make you, among other things, each link gives you all the possible strength and not be lost through a poorly managed PR.

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP)
Google resolves accelerated mobile pages around the mobile user experience. It is a framework developed to facilitate the loading of your web page on your mobile device. AMP is considered a classification factor and also has a great impact on the organic visibility of the website. According to the studies, AMP revealed that the mobile user can leave on a web page if it takes more than 30 seconds to load.
Faster loading pages ensure customer retention and help significantly to increase traffic. For that reason, companies are adopting an accelerated mobile page only for mobile sites in order to increase the user retention rate. Basically, AMP started to become a big MPA 2 years ago and now this is a very important aspect to consider.

Quality content
Content is always the king of Google and will remain so in 2018. But quality content has evolved and quality is placed ahead of quantity. In 2018, the keyword stuffing will become totally useless and it will be the related keywords in the content that will make you upload.

User experience
We’ve been talking about it for a while and it’s finally a reality. You must include a great browsing experience, shorter loading times and mobile optimization.

Use of keywords
Today, quality content has improved with the related keyword. There are many tools like Google AdWord Keyword Planner in which you can give a wide dissemination of information that relates to the ideas you want to convey based on phrases, categories and search volume trends of only certain selected keywords. In addition, artificial intelligence makes the demographic and long-tail keyword better positioned thanks to voice searches.

Share video content
The contents with quality videos are especially important and make the conversions of their products greater. Video is already influencing search engine optimization results a lot. However, few blogs and websites use them for that purpose. In 2018, the trend of sharing video content is expected to change.

Penguin 4.0 Update
Penguin has become an essential part of Google’s central algorithm and runs in real time. Basically, this update was introduced to catch websites that took advantage of unnatural links and has helped to improve the ranking in the search engines. Penguin 4.0 works in real time and improves the positive and negative impact on each SEO action. It means that if your site is penalized you can now remove the harmful link and start improving the results as soon as Google recrawel your website.
Since the launch of Penguin, Google tries to give the best result and provide it in real time, as well as identify how many links affect its ranking in the search engines. When doing search engine optimization for 2018, you must ensure that you have the best link and be of quality.

Voice search
We have already anticipated this trend a year ago and we let you know. Google increasingly gives more importance to the Long Tails because users do so. Google advances as we do the users, it is important to know that. For this reason, long tails are increasingly important and searches are increasingly more disparate for the same result. The search by voice and content go hand in hand and the semantic variety is imposed on the texts of the web pages.

Let’s Encrypt, let’s encrypt … for free!
Let’s Encrypt is an initiative that starts from the Linux Foundation and to which all the Internet greats have joined, including Google, Facebook, Mozilla and many others.
Therefore, it is a certifying authority recognized by all browsers, which means that it allows us to obtain fully valid and approved SSL certificates, in addition to free and renewable indefinitely.
Its official website is https://letsencrypt.org.

WordPress and SEO
WordPress will remain a great content management system (CMS) in the eyes of Google, for its robustness, versatility and speed over other standard CMS applications, such as Drupal or Joomla.
With WordPress we also have an infinite number of plugins that facilitate SEO optimization, and thus fulfill all the points we have discussed in this guide.
But all that glitters is not gold, and WordPress developers and users must face two great challenges:
The choice or development of topics optimized for SEO (SEO friendly) is key. This must be true, and not only because the developer says so: it is totally obligatory that the theme we use is responsive, better if it is mobile-first, developed in HTML5 and that correctly uses the new semantic tags. It must also be optimized in terms of loading speed.
The second key is the choice of plugins, in two aspects: the plugins as own tools and essential of our SEO optimization (eg Yoast SEO or the generators of rich-snippets); and on the other hand discard all those plugins harmful to SEO, either by the code they generate or because we slow down too much the load of our pages.

More than news, I consider that these search engine optimization trends are the natural evolution of recent years:
The consolidation of the user experience in its broadest sense, in terms of the content you are looking for, the navigability and the speed with which you want to find the answers to your questions.
The evolution towards a secure web browsing, in all sites, and towards an increasingly faster, standardized, semantic, multi-device and multi-format internet.

The user is the king, and Google is very aware of this and that is why he will remain the undisputed leader. Because it tries to show you the best solution in the most effective way, and achieves it with amazing speed.
The final challenge: once your pages are technically optimized, responsive, fast and well structured, create your content thinking about your users and … Stop thinking about Google

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