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Small Business Website Design in Dubai – UAE & Worldwide

Our web design services are perfect for small business website design needs. Our Affordable cost and attention to maximizing Return on Investment, makes us an attractive choice for small and micro businesses. Our prices are as low $99 for designing a 5 page websites.

One of the purposes of a business-oriented website is to be a portal for potential business opportunities. DBF Web design has established themselves as the most affordable web design company. Our technical team is comprised of expert design and development professionals who transform your ideas into a dynamic online Marketing Nexus. We build sites that are market-centric and designed to serve the target audience of your business. As your business grows we are flexible enough to accommodate any changes that need to reflect your current position in the market.

 E-commerce Platforms:

If you are not doing business online then you stand to lose potentially an enormous amount of revenue – as internet proliferate our lives more and more, so will the e-commerce market grow. Electronic Commerce (e-commerce, EC) is the process of conducting business transactions on the world-wide web. As you would decorate and arrange your brick-and-mortar store to attract, retain and convert customers, a well built and designed e-commerce platform can make your commercial success a reality. At DBF Web design, we make that happen everyday to our customers.

Content Management System (CMS):

These days, “Content is king” and imagine your company spitting out content at a feverish pace but your webmaster not able to keep-up with updating your website to reflect that…enter Content Management Systems or CMS:

 Custom Web Development:

Every new idea requires understanding of both business and technology to market effectively on the internet. DBF Web design has a keen sense of your business as well as latest technology allowing us to build your dreams one line of code at a time.

 Social Networking and Online Communities:

Just like the internet has transformed our lives, Social Networking has transformed the way we communicate with other netizens. Social Networking is not just for the web enthusiasts. Corporates are very much in the game. A simple message that needed to be sent to many people over an email now can be communicated with only a few key strokes on Twitter. DBF Web design has the expertise and credibility to help you build your very own Social Networking Platform.

Online Forums:

One of well known secrets of traffic to your website is an On-line forum. Even on the internet people seek our other like minded individuals to share thoughts and build communities. We help you capitalize on this phenomenon.

 Website Maintenance (Webmaster):

Most web design company concentrate only getting your website building business. This is potentially a source a problem since when an issue arises you may not get the support you need on time. At DBF Web design, we are also excellent web masters – we build, maintain and upgrade your website when you need it.

Introduction to our Website Design Process

Many people ask us, how we can deliver such great quality service consistently at such affordable rates. The answer is deceptively simple: We do everything in our power to understand your requirements thoroughly before we start writing a single line of code. So, in other words, we spend considerable amount of time with you, our customer, understanding your exact requirements – be it website design service, logo creation or Search Engine Optimization. This upfront investment of time on our part ensures that we have very solid plan of action – whose chances of failure become negligible.

 1. We learn your requirements

We spend as much time as necessary with you to understand your requirements. Often, clients have a very good understanding of their particular project and business goals. However, the same client may or may not have the technical expertise to implement the business plan into practice. That is where we come in, through interviews we determine your business goals and help you understand the various ways (technically) those goals can be put in practice.

It has been our finding that the more time we spend on this step, our project becomes more and more streamlined – saving you money and time.

 2. We create a draft and get your sign-off

Website Design DraftWe specialize in taking your requirements and creating a technical road-map that complements your concept. We are able to do this because we work hard to understand your business and not just your requirements. After several interviews with you, we create a draft design that may not have all the bells and whistles of the finished product but will clearly demonstrate our understanding of your requirements. We involve you in every step of the website design process. Most of the time, we get this correct the first time, but if we don’t exactly get it the first time around, we continue to work with you to polish this initial design mock-up.

Depending on how complex or extensive your requirements are, this process can last 1 to several interviews. We prefer meeting you face-to-face but often we conduct these interviews by phone or online.

Your biggest value of working with DBF Web design, LLC. is that you, the customer, is always involved in the website design process. Once we get a sign-off on the draft, we are ready to move to the actual physical design.

 3. We work with you to get the design “just right”

Website Design Process

This is a very important step. Although code can be complex, design is much more difficult to settle on. Unlike code, design of a website always remains front and center. And since design is what your end-users will see, it is imperative that we get it just right and to your liking.

We work with you to keep polishing the design till you are satisfied. Usually, this is the longest process and depending on how quickly you can settle on the design, your project can gain significant time-advantage from this. It is not uncommon for revising parts of the design several times (within reason) until you can sit back and say, “This is it.”

Your investment of time in this phase will impact the entire project positively. We suggest that you take several opinions from your partners and colleagues because a fresh set of eyes always discovers things that you may miss.

 4. We work on writing the code that will bring your concept to life

Best Website Design in the World

So, we have a design that we all like. But that is just the shell. Without the back-end engine propelling your project to success a good design is merely that. This is the phase where we start putting meat and substance to the website. Every part of the design comes to life with dynamic content with the use of various server side and client-side technologies – e.g. JavaScript, Ajax, PHP and of-course databases whenever applicable.

Just because this is server side work, does not mean that we develop this in a vacuum. We involve you in every-step and whenever possible as you to QA the site and ensure that we are on the correct path.

Depending on the project scope this can take few days to several months. But don’t worry, before you sign up with us, we will provide you with a detailed project plan of the website design process.

 5. Once you test our work, we upload your site and make it live

Website Design 2017

Ok we are almost there. We have worked with you to understand your business needs. We have explained our design process. Created a draft and got your sign off. Created the physical design and code to power your site. What remains is the webmaster tasks to get your site live.

 We will do the following for you

Help you with a domain name and acquiring it – this is crucial for Search Engine Optimization.

  • Get you hosting – a host is where all your files and database reside. We will help you choose and set up the best and cost-effective hosting package based on your needs and traffic projections.
  • We connect your domain name with hosting (change required DNS entries)
  • Set up databases and file structure for proper website operation.
  • Create new email accounts for you.
  • Submit your site to ~140 search engines…
  • Spend time with you training you on the operation of your site

 As you can see, we work with you every step of the way to ensure that you not only understand the website design process, but also become familiar with administration of your website.

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